Civic Engagement

logo-brandgovBrandGOV promotes civic engagement, social action and voter rights education through engaged community or corporate partnerships, data gathering community issue engagement surveys & questionnaires and youth leadership and political engagement forums.

Many ask, does civic engagement differ from advocacy and public policy, two terms sometimes used interchangeably with civic engagement? And how does the process of lobbying fit in?
There’s disagreement among practitioners, but some, like K. Patrice Williams, J.D., CEO of BrandGOV suggest that advocacy is a subset of civic engagement. Advocacy is the process that gives voice to specific civic engagement agenda items and issues.
According to the NonProfit Director, an online portal for nonprofit executives, public policy then differs because it typically doesn’t start at the community level, nor does it end there. Public policy tends to take place in the middle, as it is a process that seeks to influence specific legislation or rules and regulations at various levels of government.

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