Why would you hire a lobbyist for your organization? At BrandGov, we can offer a wide variety of legislative advocacy solutions such as federal legislative assistance, legislative review and monitoring, legislative advocacy, legislative coordination, an annual state legislative program and more. We can provide a daily physical presence in Sacramento, California or Washington, DC. We have bi-partisan connections to legislators, advocates and agencies.

The following are four benefits of hiring a lobbyist:

Why Hire a Lobbyist?

  1. Results. It’s not easy for just anyone to get a meeting with an elected official. A legislator’s time is always in high demand. Even if you were able to personally meet with a legislator, would you be able to make your case? When you hire a lobbyist from BrandGov, you get results. We know the right legislators to meet with on specific issues and can get in to see those legislators. We will articulate your cause in a compelling manner and will keep your issue on the legislator’s priority list. When you hire a lobbyist from BrandGov, we have the expertise to go into the complex regulatory or compliance intricacies that often lie at the heart of a larger issue.
  2. Cost effectiveness. Rarely does it make sense for your organization to build up a presence in Sacramento or Washington with the sole aim of influencing the outcome of a given legislative, regulatory, or procurement measure. It takes more than time to move an agenda. You have to know how to navigate through the labyrinth of legislative protocols and complicated procedures efficiently and effectively. The experienced lobbyists at BrandGov know the players, procedures and protocols to get the results you desire. Lobbyists real do influence legislative outcomes.
  3. Knowledge. State and national capitals can see wide and rapid shifts in mood. It can be hard for organizations to keep up with the way the wind is blowing minute to minute and day to day. We have the experience, information, and knowledge to keep your legislative issues in play. Our lobbyists know what happened to previous legislation in your industry and why they failed or succeeded.
  4. Relationships. Lawmakers are like other people – they listen to people they trust. Those trusted relationships are vital when attempting to have a legislator see an issue from a particular point of view. They are more willing to discuss in detail how an issue is being handled and the probability that a certain piece of legislation will be passed. Although many will find this hard to believe lobbyists are some of the most trusted people in state capitals and in Washington, DC. Why is this? Well, lobbyists are a hub of news and stats. We can provide clear snapshots of the political landscape surrounding an issue. We have this information because we build relationships with legislators, staff, agency heads, and other key decision-makers. We put these relationships to work for you when you hire us as your lobbying firm.

Visit our website at http://www.brandgov.com/ for more information on why to hire a lobbyist. We look forward to working with you.