Clean Energy

BrandGOV we take a proactive approach to ensure that our clients interests are represented before legislation is passed.  Additionally, our reputation as lobbyists and public affairs experts enables us to access principals in the executive and legislative branches to amend legislation and regulations.

As the energy needs of the United States and our World continues to grow, energy regulation, technology, and energy policy continues to evolve we are prepared to advise your company on the latest regulatory and legislative environment with respect to nuclear energy, natural gas, renewable energy, oil and gas.

The current administration has demonstrated a desire to promote energy production of all kinds.  BrandGOV actively works to inform our clients of tax and energy production incentives that are already available, along with pending EPA regulations.

Our clients have also requested that we actively monitor climate change directives with respect to greenhouse gas emissions and its implications to energy production.  Our clients additional interests include energy export legislation, the Keystone pipeline and the production of oil and gas from tight shale formations.

Having served at the most senior levels of government in Washington DC, Tuvin associates is proud to assist clients in manufacturing, services and energy producers in developing a legislative roadmap to prepare for regulation, and taking a proactive stance to the USA and global regulatory environment.

In Washington DC, energy companies have learned that their reputation is a collection of experiences.  Let our relationships and proprietary Grassroots Lobbying Technology help what legislators think of your organization.

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