Our Approach

The advocacy firm of BrandGOV has developed a broad and particular expertise in working with a variety of associations, organizations and companies to advance their city, county, state and federal interest.
BrandGOV strategists and advocates understand the multifaceted nature of government roles and work with clients to create innovative programs. We use our presence in Cities, County, Sacramento and on Capitol Hill to serve as forceful advocates for our clients.

BrandGov’s Role

BrandGOV is an extension of your organization for ongoing advocacy and support.

  • Representing you in Sacramento and in Washington D.C.- walking the halls and engaging legislators; guided by the Policy Framework that outlines your priorities and issue areas.
  • Legislation Tracking Report – the list of bills currently under consideration that affect nonprofits, who supports or opposes them, and their status.
  • Advocacy tools – engaging your legislators and advocating directly on behalf of your organization.

Our Methodology

BrandGOV Process Graphic

Process of Engagement

  1. The preferred method of educating and informing Members of Congress, State Legislators, their staff and the Administration is through face-to-face meetings.  In preparation for these meetings, we will develop white papers and brochures.  The BrandGOV Team has many years of experience in drafting detailed white papers for presentations by team members and clients.
  2. Team members will also provide formal comments on administrative rule makings, congressional bearings and policy decisions at agencies and commissions.
  3. We assist in the development of new legislation, and develop strategies for advancing legislative initiatives and policies beneficial to your organization and its members.
  4. When necessary, we prepare our clients to testify before Congress, brief Members of Congress on key matters affecting our clients and their constituents, provide industry leaders and client representatives the opportunity to meet face-to-face with key congressional leaders and delegations, and serve as a resource for senior staff professionals handling complex issues.  All of these activities keep our clients’ voice on critical legislative issues, from and center, before federal policymakers.
  5. We proactively engage in a dialogue with the Administration and relevant federal agencies that affect our clients’ work.
  6. We assist clients with filing comments in significant federal agency proceedings, participating in technical workshops designed to evaluate solutions to pressing technical issues, and working closely with agencies to ensure that officials are aware of our clients’ views on critical issues.
  7. We use our contacts at the House and Senate Appropriations Committees, the Senate Banking, Housing and Urban Development Committee, the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure, and the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works, and our previous experience working on matters to internally analyze both the political climate and the legal ramifications of issues pending before Congress and the Administration.
  8. Coordinate legislative visits to Washington D.C.  We would set up the appointments, develop supporting materials and work with the Board to prepare for those meetings.  Both before and after the meetings, we would rely on our relationships with the California delegation and the House and Senate Subcommittees to advance those projects through frequent meetings and addressing issues that may arise regarding those projects.