Housing for people with disabilities can be found, but it takes some doing. Disabled individuals can get help from housing and rental programs run by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). The housing for people with disabilities programs that are funded by the government includes Section 811 and Tenant Based Rent Assistance. Help can also be provided by Section 8 Housing Choice Vouchers.

With the Section 811 program, housing for people with disabilities can be offered along with rent assistance. The federal government created this resource to help people with disabilities live in safe, secure, and affordable housing. This program helps provide housing for people with disabilities by helping families live as independently as possible in private communities across the nation. It increases the supply of affordable rental housing. The Section 811 program also provides other assistance such as case management, referrals, free advice, and more.

All rent due under the Section 811 program of housing for people with disabilities is subsidized by the government. This program also provides project rental assistance to the disabled by paying for the difference in expenses between the HUD-approved operating costs of the home/apartment and the tenants’ contribution toward their apartment or home rent. The payment made from the voucher is usually about 30 percent of the household’s adjusted income. The initial term of the project rental assistance contract is for a period of time of up to 3 years. It can be renewed if funds are available and the participants meet all the eligibility requirements.

What requirements need to be met for this housing for people with disabilities?

An applying household, which can consist of a single qualified person, needs to have a member who is 18 years of age or older. A household member must have a disability such as a serious medical condition, chronic mental illness, physical handicap or some type of developmental disability. The applicant must also be low-income, which is usually defined by a certain percentage of the median income for the area. Housing units are operated by private owners in the state. You can apply at a local non-profit agency or housing program in your county. For more information, you may want to check out the “Where can I get help finding a place to live?” section on Disability.gov here: https://www.disability.gov/can-get-help-finding-place-live/.

What is the Tenant Based Rent Assistance (TBRA) program?

This program usually provides families with vouchers to help them pay their rent. It will pay for the difference between what an apartment costs per month and what the renter can afford to pay. The specifics of the program and the amount of assistance provided in housing for people with disabilities varies by state and can even vary by counties within the same state. The TBRA can help with paying rent, utility bills, rental and utility security deposits and more. This program also provides counseling if necessary.

What is Section 8 Housing for the Disabled?

Section 8 is the government’s primary low income housing program. It can help anyone, not just people with disabilities, find housing. However, many people with disabilities find housing through this program. It assists the low income, elderly and others find and pay for rental homes and apartments. Statewide public housing agencies, or PHAs, accept applications for this program and administer the funds and vouchers for it.

How can you get emergency rental assistance?

Housing for people with disabilities often requires emergency rental assistance. There are a number of non-profit agencies, charities and local government programs to be contacted if you need emergency rental assistance and you are disabled. Funding is limited, but priority is always given to the disabled.

What is the Voucher from Certain Development program?

When talking about housing for people with disabilities, it would be difficult to miss out on the federal program Vouchers from Certain Development program. States, counties and local towns work with public housing authorities to offer this program. The household needs to have one disabled, non-elderly member. The voucher can be used to pay a portion of your housing expenses for an apartment or home that is pre-approved by the government. This program does have limited funding. There is usually not a waiting list for this program, but the amount of income is taken into account. The same agencies that offer Section 811 will administer this program as well.

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