In addition to transportation, appropriations, federal legislative and executive branch expertise, members of our client service team have been selected based on their availability to dedicate the time that high quality service demands to aggressively seek and secure federal funding for RT’s initiatives. lt is the practice of the firm to represent clients, such as RT, in a team approach directing the persons in the firm with the best relationships to be responsible for the daily contact with the Congressional office and federal agencies. We meet weekly to discuss the status of projects and coordinate the interactions that we have with those offices and agencies.

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We offer the following legislative advocacy solutions including: federal legislative assistance, legislative review and monitoring, legislative advocacy, legislative coordination, annual state legislative program, and other legislative services.

  • Daily physical presence in Sacramento C.A. or Washington D.C.
  • Bi-partisan connections to legislators, advocates, and agencies.
  • Solid political network and established relationships
  • Tracking appropriations activities.
  • Preparing legislative proposals for introduction by members of the California congressional delegation.
  • Preparing amendments to legislation, reports to congressional committees and reports.
  • Monitoring pertinent committee meetings, floor actions and report on results.
  • Monitoring legislation, draft appropriations and regulations with possible impact to programs.
  • Coordinating with individual members of the U.S. Congress and with executive branch offices and their staffs as necessary, to promote your organizations interests.
  • Appearing in any proceedings, which are necessary to promote your organizations goals.
  • Submitting and/ or presenting all reports as outlined in me Request for Proposal.

Our Strategist

Thomas Burns
Thomas Burns/Director- Business Development
Bridgette LeBlanc
Bridgette LeBlanc/Outreach Director
Earl L. Hall
Earl L. Hall/Director, Street Promotions